Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should have an Enterprise Website?

Some people see a site web as accessory, without importance. When you start your company, you print business cards. As an international business card, have a website allows your firm to have a better position facing your competition.

It’s your business card of the world wide web !

Advantages??? An updated Website will allow you to...

- Increase your online visibility
- Hold the attention of your potential clients with an attractive Impact Website
- Emphasise your products and services
- Help the prospects to make deals with you
- Favour the feeling of confidence at your prospects
- Optimise your chances to be found by new clients
- Increase your sales projections
- Be positioned as an expert in your domain

Q: What price must I expect to plan an adequate Website?
R: Everything depends on you, on your design preferences, your business objectives and your ideas for your Website. Prices can vary according to your needs. Contact us for all the details in order to present you a quotation without charge. Stay tuned for our promotions and specials.

Q: How long it will take to my site to be ready to work?
R: The conception of your Website start as soon as you ask us to conceive it and possible to be ended between 2 to 4 weeks - That depending on the speed we have all graphics and text requirement on hand and ready to be included. The best to be ready is you prepare in advance, all your contents (texts, position of your pictures, etc) to not overload our conception tasks for your Website. If we do all written contents are an arduous task which can take you alot of time and money. So if you prepare all your texts before, you’ll save money. An urgent design for your website is also possible. Contact us for all the details.

Q: Could my Web site will be in first page of Google and when?
R: Your Website will be optimised (Basic SEO) in the main research servers for a maximum of result, but this not guaranteed your place on the first page of Google or quite other research server. All SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) programming will be included into your Website with the last techniques available and opinions. This gives to your Website, the best and absolute chances of success. If somebody promises you officially the visualisation on the first page of Google - MOVE AWAY FROM THEM, they search only your money.

Q: Could I update my web site?
R: Absolutely Your site will be conceived using 'HAPPY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM' named also under names CRAFT or Expression Engine. You will be able easily to add, to edit contents has any instant and of matter or - Really easy. Besides, when the site is supplemented, we can will give you if necessary, the necessary training for it but some additional fees can be applied.

Q: What to make in starting? What are stages has made?
R: It’s not so easy. You can start by answering has some questions as your design preferences, your enterprise objectives and your ideas for your Web site. We can make you a basic drawing and develop it as going you want it. We can have several meetings; try some designs and functional ideas - what will bring you a Website who’s reflect your enterprise correctly.

Q: Can I see my Website during conception?
R: Absolutely YES, you can see your Website in real-time. We give you a temporary web address who you can view the development site. You will be able to view every page, approve his contents and its design, and give your opinion at every step of the design. And it’s never too late to make quick modifications...